Antler chews are a better option for your dog

There are many benefits for your dog to use antler chews including that the treats are healthy, long lasting, safe, odor free, stain free, economical, and are offered in a variety of shapes. Antlers come from the deer family and are made up of bone like material. Antlers grow on the heads of over 60 types of deer, moose, reindeer, caribou, and elk. Antler dog chews come from deer and elk. They grow a new pair of antlers yearly. During the winter months, the antlers will fall off. The antlers are made up of calcium, phosphorous and water. Antlers are beneficial for dogs young and old to keep their teeth clean and to keep them busy expending energy.

Your dog will stay busy chewing on an antler dog chew for a greater amount of time versus a rawhide chew. Health is maintained since an antler contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for your dog as well as it being free from artificial ingredients. Unlike rawhides that can leave a stain on the floor or blanket, antlers are clean and will not leave a mark. Visitors to your home will not be aware of the antler chews since they do not contain an odor. Every antler has a differing form to it so your dog will enjoy working on the many different shapes each will come in. Antlers are cost effective with many stores offering a price between two and three dollars each. Take care in keeping your dog safe by paying particular attention to the size of the antler. If your dog works down the antler to a smaller size be certain to remove it from the dog to prevent choking. If there are sharper edges on the antler, simply use a small piece of sandpaper to smooth it out a bit to be safe.

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