A Step-By-Step Buying Guide for Dog Treats

Antler chews for dogs? You say to yourself, “I’ve never heard of that”.
Well, welcome to the new treat on the block. Actually, Dogs have been chewing on antlers since before they were domesticated. Also, Antler Chews have been around for a while but are getting popular because they are natural, nutritious and dogs just love them.
First I need to state the no animals are hurt or injured by this process. Deer, Moose, and Elk shed antlers every year and those are gathered in the wild and on animal farms that raise these animals for their antlers.
So that I pick the right antlers, what do I look for?
Antlers for treats have been around long enough to accumulate grades. Because I’m a dog lover to we will start by throwing any grade less than B and be wary of grade B at the same time. These lower grades tend to break and cause some tooth damage. To be on the save side I would stick to only Grade A brown.
Why only Grade A Brown?
Grade A Brown are Antlers that have recently been shed and are not losing their softer marrow or moisture content. Along with being much safer and more durable as well. Grade A Antlers are not going to be processed so they will have no preservatives, growth hormones, animal by product, additives, artificial colors or flavor enhancements.
One note I would like to add, I would not use Whitetail Deer Antlers at all, they tend to break, crack and splinter.
You will love antler chew toys and really enjoy your dogs reaction to his new toys.

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