A few dog heroes

Military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and ordinary pet dogs have performed heroic deeds and earned the honor and admiration of humans throughout history and continue to make the news.

Discussions of heroic dogs must mention Balto and Togo who together in 1925 carried a much needed serum over 1000 treacherous miles to halt a dipheria outbreak in Anchorage, Alaska. Balto, who made the last leg of the trip and delivered the goods is honored with a statue in New York’s Central Park.Then there’s Barry the St. Bernard in Switzerland who rescued over 40 people in deep snow in the Great St. Bernard Pass. After he died his body was preserved in a Swiss natural history museum.

Brutus, a 7 year old golden retriever snatched a deadly coral snake away from a small child just in time to save her from a fatal bite. He received 2004’s National Hero Dog award. A five pound Chihuahua named Zoe rescued a 1 year old child from a rattlesnake, taking a bite herself.

During Hurricane Katrina, a black lab named Katrina saved a drowning man to be honored at that year’s Genesis Awards.

A rescue dog himself, search and rescue dog Trakr located the last human survivor of the World Trade Center attack.

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