8 Effective Home Cure for Dog Bad Breath

Nothing says love quite like a big, wet, sloppy dog kiss. Unfortunately, dog kisses are often accompanied by bad breath. If you love your dog but hate her breath, here are eight easy things you can do at home to help clear the air between you and your pet.

Chew Treats

Give your dog plenty of chew treats to clean plaque from his teeth. Big dogs need big treats so they don’t swallow them and choke while little dogs need little treats that won’t strain their mouth muscles. Antler dog chews made of elk, deer or moose are all excellent choices.

Brush Her Teeth

Your dog’s breath will be much more pleasant if you brush her teeth once a day. Use toothpaste specially formulated for dogs since human toothpaste causes upset stomachs. Floss, too, if your dog will tolerate it.

Lemon and Parsley

Chop up some fresh parsley and sprinkle it over your dog’s food for easy fresh breath. Squeezing a bit of fresh lemon juice into your dog’s water is another easy way to freshen things up.

Breath Mints

There are several breath mints on the market for dogs that taste like treats but smell fresh and minty. These treats will make both you and your dog happy.

The Right Food

Check your dog’s diet. Intestinal issues can cause bad breath, so food containing probiotics and digestive enzymes may help. Vegetables are important too, as too much meat also causes bad breath.

Keep it Clean

Eating stinky things leads to stinky breath, so make sure your dog isn’t eating garbage – or worse – when he goes out. Keep your yard clear of trash and use the pooper scooper regularly. Keep the kitchen trash can inaccessible as well.

Wash Food Bowls

Slime and residue build up on dog bowls and water dishes if they aren’t washed regularly, and ingesting this can cause a foul smell. Wash your dog’s food and water bowls often to avoid bacteria buildup.

See the Vet

You can’t technically do this at home unless you are a vet, but it is still an important step. Visit the vet regularly to screen for underlying problems that may cause bad breath. Catching problems early will keep both your dog’s breath and overall health in better condition.

Try these remedies for curing your dog’s bad breath so you can love his kisses as much as you love him.

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