7 Simple Steps To House Training Your Dog

While there are myriads of videos, articles and tutorials on how to house train a puppy, what happens when you have an adult dog that has been moved from one ownership lifestyle to another? What happens when the poor pooch was never properly trained to begin with?

Let’s look at the top seven steps an owner can take that may or may not work–depending on how diligent they are in training their furry companion.

1- Establishing a “potty break” routine, and sticking to it, is vitally important. This may entail getting up at the same time, and taking the dog outside also at the same time each night.

2- Constant observation and supervision is a must. If you can’t supervise him, then keeping the animal in a crate or cage may be necessary as dogs “keep it in” when their sleeping place is soiled. Always remember that dogs always return to the place of a previous “accident.”

3- Creating the right habits early on makes a dog’s going on “cue” a lot easier. Repeating the same word, such as “potty,” helps the dog associate the word with what is expected of him.

4- Likewise, remembering to give your furry friend a treat, like antler dog chews, immediately after going to its spot and eliminating, helps it know that spotting on cue will be rewarded. Don’t wait until they are back in the house to reward, do it on the spot!

5- All this being said, if you don’t show consistency with your dog, he’ll eliminate inconsistently, and go back to his old habits.

6- Always reward with a good pat on the head, words of praise and that little bit of antler dog chews.

7- Oh, yes. Please remember that your dog can hold it in just for so long–before nature has its own way.

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