7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Dog’s Food

Paying attention to your pets diet can help your pet companion live a stronger active lifestyle. Your pet can love feeding time, but it’s not the best ingredients for their diet while other pets may have an adverse effect at mealtime. Many pet owners are opting for organic pet food products with wholesome ingredients. What are the signs you need to switch pet food?

Top 7 Reasons To Switch Your Pet Food

Excessive Weight Gain

Pay attention to how much weight your pet is gaining on their current pet food. If their not weighing according to suggested recommendations, when making the switch, look for all-natural ingredients. Being underweight can be another sign your dog is not happy with their current diet.

Lack Of Energy

A lack of energy can mean a medical condition, but could also be a result of poor diet and cause them to be lathargic. Your pets food should provide nourishment while also keeping them heart healthy and active.


If you frequently notice leftovers in your pets dish, you’re encouraged to switch brands to increase their appetite.

Excessive Vomiting/Diarrhea

Excessive vomiting and diarrhea is a sign your pets food is not setting well with them and could be difficult to digest. If you’re not feeding your pet a nutritious meal, it could jeopardize their health and changing their diet comes highly recommended. A change in your pet companion’s coating that results in constant itching or scratching is also an indicator for a need to change your pet’s diet.


Do you know what’s packed in your dogs food? Most dogs are allergic to soy and whey, but common beef can also cause an allergic reaction for your pet. Try switching their diet with new organic ingredients like moose, deer, and elk antlers. There are treats that also offer the same all-natural ingredients offered with select organic pet food products brands. Paying attention to your pets mood during feeding time is the most important clue in changing their diet. A happy well nourished pet will clean their bowl and love mealtime.

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