6 More Reasons to Walk Your Dog

The time spent between dog and owner is crucial to forming bonds and learning behaviors. Bolstered by treats, active time with a canine companion can prove to be invaluable. Each venture and walk should be capped with a treat that creates good feelings and positive reasons to go on owner/dog walks. Here are several reminders about the value of walking a healthy dog.

1. Routines: Keeping a healthy dog on a daily “poo and exploration” schedule will add to an extended lifespan.

2. Exercise: Modern dogs tend to become as sedentary as their owners. Long walks and jogs will benefit both human and canine healthy hearts.

3. Exploration: The sights, smells and sounds experienced during regular walks with help to create lasting sensory bonds between dog and person. Shared experiences mean stronger pet relationships.

4. Roles: When a strong and vibrant walk takes place both owner and canine have the chance to strut proudly along the route. Owners feel physically and emotionally more charged by walking their dog. Dogs feel more protective and respectful after regular walks for relief and health.

5. Sensory Stimulation: Well trained dogs earn the privilege of spending great amounts of time indoors. Though comfortable, inside living can get boring. Regular walks allow ample time for sight, sound and smell stimulation each day.

6. Social Interaction: On regular and daily walks, both dog and owner have the chance to form bonds with and meet other members of their respective species. People provide ways for dogs to interact and dogs provide icebreakers for people to meet one another.

The advantages of daily dog walking are innumerable. From healthy bathroom habits to life-through-exercise and exploration, the act of walking a dog can provide benefits to both pet and owner!

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