5 Fabulous Dog Toys Fido Wants Right Now

Providing dogs with their own toys is a wonderful way to discourage destructive, and rude behaviors. Keeping a dog’s mind engaged with toys is the best way to stop actions that stem from boredom. Read on to learn more about the top five toys that your dog wants now.

Antler dog chews
Chewing on antlers is something that dogs have enjoyed almost since time began. Antler dog chews made from moose, deer, or elk is something that dogs still enjoy today. Dogs are kept happy and busy as they gnaw on the antlers for hours at a time.

These toys are also a good way to discourage destructive chewing. Just give the dog one of these chew toys anytime he or she attempts to chew on something they shouldn’t.

Keeping your dog’s mind busy is one of the best things you can do for your pet. Puzzle toys are perfect for this. Hide treats in the various puzzle compartments and watch your pooch have a great time trying to get the treats out.

Interactive toys
Play time with their humans is something that all dogs love. Toys such as balls for a game of fetch, or rope for a game of tug-of-war are always a hit with pups.

Squeaky toys
While the sound of that constant squeaking may not be your idea of great music, to your pup, it’s music to their ears.

Stuffed animal
There are times when your pooch likes to cuddle or carry around their very own stuffed animal.

Playtime is important for dogs. Be sure to have a variety of toys for your dog to enjoy. Keep antlers on hand for active chewing time, stuffed toys for quiet time, and interactive toys so you can your dog can bond.

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