20 Mistakes Every New Pet Owner Makes

You can get the most out of being a pet parent by following the 20 tips listed below.

Be sure you can afford a pet and research the breed you are considering to determine if its needs temperament and innate behaviors work with your lifestyle. Due diligence also reveals what health problems a breed is prone to.

If you have no experience with animal training hire a professional trainer.

Set rules for your pet to follow and make sure every family member enforces them.

Don’t be too liberal with treats. Treats are best used as a reward for good behavior. Given too frequently they lose that value.

To ensure that your pet won’t be overly fearful or aggressive towards people and animals take the time to socialize it.

Exercise your pet regularly. Besides the health benefits, it keeps excess energy from being converted into bad behavior.

Exercise your pet’s mind. An idle mind can become the devil’s playground. There are pet products designed specifically to stimulate a pet’s brain.

Spend as much time as possible with your pet. Pets respond to separation anxiety by acting out, however on the bright side this can be easily treated by giving your dog CBD dog treats you can buy online.

Make your home pet-friendly. Know the little details of setting up a litter box properly. If your dog relieves itself in the yard clean it up. Provide a dog with a dog bed or crate it can curl up in.

Know how to properly punish a pet. Punishing a pet after the deed is done accomplishes nothing and instills fear. Punishment only works if they are caught in the act. No physical punishment.

Don’t purchase cut rate pet foods. They have little nutritional value jeopardizing your pet’s health.

Be an authority figure.

In public, even dog parks always keep your dog on a leash.

Be diligent about administering flea treatments.

Be mindful of your pet’s dental health

Never give your pet human medications

Don’t leave your pet alone with babies and toddlers.

Bath your dog monthly using only pet shampoos and soaps.

Don’t be overindulgent. Spoiled pets are like spoiled children.

Be sure you are fully ready to honor the responsibilities of pet ownership.

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