17 Facts that will Impress You About Dogs

#17 Guiltless.

Alexandra Horowitz discovered that all dogs, regardless of guilt, looked guilty when scolded.

#16 Health Benefit

Recent research has found that talking to and petting our furred companions resulted in a measurable drop in blood pressure.

#15 Color Vision

Despite popular urban legend, your four legged friend can actually see in color. Your dog can actually see blue and yellow.

#14 Your scent comforts them.

Does your pooch have separation anxiety? Leave your pup with a piece of your clothing. Your scent comforts your dog.

#13 Super-Smell.

Your dogs’ sense of smell is anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than your own.

#12 Jealousy

While they might not feel guilty, they definitely feels jealous. When your dog sees you give attention to someone or something else, they get jealous.

#11 High Intelligence

Dogs can recognize up to 150 words, or about the same as a two-year old human. They are also capable of deception.

#10 Sickness Detector

Service dogs can be trained to detect the unique scent produced by a human when their insulin drops.

#9 Magnetic Precision

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why, but your dog will face northwest when he defecates.

#8 Dog Ears are pretty amazing.

Your dog has over 18 muscles to control his ears, we only have 6.

#7 Time Keeping

Despite popular myth, your Dog does have a sense of time and he does miss you when you are gone.

#6 Big Boy

Male dogs lift their legs when they urinate in order to appear bigger to other dogs.

#5 Wet Feet.

The only sweat glands your dog has are located in the pads of its feet.

#4 Dog Dreams

Just like humans, Dogs have been observed to dream.

#3 Self-Defense.

When your dog curls up to sleep, he’s actually following instinct and protecting his vulnerable organs.

#2 Three eyelids

Unlike humans, Dogs have 3 eyelids. One keeps their eyes moist and protected

#1 Dogs love you.

Dogs release the ‘love’ hormone Oxytocin when you look at them and pet them.

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