15 Dog Toys You Can Make at Home

Homemade Dog Toys- It’s Easier Than You Think
Most pet owners may find that antler dog chews happily please their pet. What some pet owners do not know is that dog toys to coincide can actually be made at home. That is right, yes at home. For instance, do you have an empty water bottle at home and a t-shirt? Well you can make a toy comparable to antler dog chews. It may not be the same nutrition, but you can make a dog toy using the water bottle and a t-shirt with a rubber band. It turns out Fido will appreciate you just as much. Or what’s more you can fill the water bottle with the quality pieces of chew inside. The chews will accompany the water bottle as a special treat which will make your dog more active. Don’t throw away that empty cereal box. You can also use the chews inside with the cereal boxed taped shut. If you want to have some fun, you can cut open a small slit in a tennis ball and place the chews in the tennis ball. It creates a puzzle for your dog to find the treats and could keep your pet busy for hours. Another puzzle idea would be placing the chew in a butter container and cutting a small hole in the top of container only allowing the chew to be placed inside discreetly. This also allows your pet more playing time and teaches your pet patience. There are many more ideas for toys that can be made from the comfort of your own home which would be a great attribute for these quality homemade chews.

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