11 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Dog Food

Your furry friend may or may not be picky when it comes to their food, but you definitely should be! Not only is it a health and beauty concern it’s a nutrition and safety concern as well. To make things easier here is a list of questions you should ask before purchasing any dog food!

  • What foods does my dog like?- The variety of foods can be overwhelming but knowing
    what your dog likes can really help narrow down your choices!
  • What foods are available?- Many types of food are on the market learning your options
    can help you make the best possible decision.
  • Is my dog allergic to anything?- Knowing your dogs allergies is one of the most
    important things to consider.
  • What are my dog’s nutritional needs?- Different breeds have different nutritional
  • What ingredients are in the food I am buying?- Checking for any harmful ingredients
    before you buy is a fool proof way to making sure you are getting quality food.
  • Should I get wet or dry food?- This is important because some dogs have difficultly
    digesting certain types of foods.
  • Does my dog need variation in their diet- Some dogs need variety in their diet while
    other dogs are more sensitive to diet changes
  • Does my dog need a regular diet or a therapeutic diet?- Therapeutic diets are
    implemented to prevent or slow the progression of certain diseases.
  • How does nutrition affect my dog?- What your dog eats can affect their growth, their
    coats, and even their energy!
  • What are the dangers of a poor diet?- Poor diets can result in an upset stomach,
    obesity or malnutrition.
  • What are some thing to avoid when buying dog food?- Avoiding certain foods such as
    foods with too many chemicals or harmful substances are great to avoid.

With so many options out there learning as much as you can about your dog’s needs and wants can make your shopping experience less daunting. Equip yourself with knowledge and buy only the best!

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