10 Tips To Make Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Helping keep your dog happy and healthy is important for you and your family. Your puppy is a part of the family, and your puppy must be cared for in the same way you would care for your spouse or your children. Each tip below is meant to help your dog live a much happier and healthier life.

Dogs Are Not Cats

You must remember that your dog cannot really take care of itself. Dogs need more interaction and care than cats. If you are used to having cats in the house, give your dog a little more attention.

Dogs Need Activity

Dogs must be walked every day to make sure they get activity. If your dog is very large, your dog needs even more activity than a smaller dog. When your dog asks to be walked, you need to go for a walk.

Dogs Need To Play

When your dogs are in the house, they must have a chance to play. You may think that dogs can make their own fun, but they need your help when they want to play.

Dogs Need Healthy Teeth

Dogs need Antler Dog Chews and veterinary dental services to keep their teeth clean. Your dog’s teeth help them stay healthy, and unhealthy teeth will make your dog sick.

Dogs Needs Companionship

Allow your dog to be close to you as often as possible. Your dog may like sleeping your bed or sitting by your chair. Do not deny your dog affection when they truly need it.

Dogs Need Friends

It is healthier for your dog to have a companion in the house. You may not want to have several dogs, but you should consider two dogs in the house so they have a playmate.

Teach The Kids

Your kids must be taught how to play with your dog. Dogs that are terrorized by your children will not be as happy or healthy as dogs who are treated well.

Go To The Vet Yearly

You must visit the vet every year because your dog is leaving the house regularly. You cannot notice all the medical problems your dog has, and a visit to vet can catch medical problems quickly.

Vacation Stays

Your dog must be given a safe place to stay when you go on vacation. Sending your dog to an overnight pet resort is the most comfortable way for them to be away from you.

Include Them

Make sure you include your dog in family activities so they always feel a part of the family. Dogs love to travel in packs, and your family is their new pack.

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