10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Dog

There are ten things that every dog owner should know not to say to their dog. However, many dog owners do not know that. To learn what these phrases are, read on.
Just Leave Me Alone
One phrase that you should not say to your dog is this: Just leave me alone. This is because dogs are naturally social animals. They crave attention from their owners. So this is not something you should say to your pet.

I Hate You
Another phrase you should never say to your dog is “I hate you.” This is because animals are responsive to our emotions. In other words, if you say you hate them and are feeling hatred towards them at that moment, your dog will pick up on that. This can often depress them or cause other negative emotions.

Stop or Else
Yet another phrase you should never say to your dog is “Stop or else.” This is because this simply will not do anything constructive. Your dog will not know what this means. They will also be able to sense your frustration.

Wait Until Daddy/Mommy Comes Home
Do not say “Wait until Daddy/Mommy comes home” to your dog. Passing authority over to someone else will simply teach your dog that what you say does not matter. This is something you definitely do not want.

Good Boy/Girl
Try to refrain from saying “Good boy/girl.” Don’t do this simply because this is a phrase that can often be overused and will not excited your dog.

Hurry Up
Try not to tell your dog to hurry up. This is simply because they will not understand you. After all your dealing with a living, breathing animal with a will of their own.

You Know Better Than That
Do not tell your dog “You know better than that.” This is because oftentimes your dog really does not know better because they have not been properly trained.

Don’t Cry
Do not tell your pet not to cry. Like humans, animals often get upset and it is healthy for them to be able to show their emotions just like your or I would.

You Are Such a Pain
Another thing you should not say is this: You are such a pain. This is because having a dog, in many ways, is similar to having a child. It takes and great deal of patience and work to care for them. You should be prepared for this before you become a pet owner.

Baby Talk
Avoid baby talk. This is because dogs learn by repetition. If you refer to food as “yum-yums” at one time, and “antler dog chews” at another, this can often lead your pet to become confused and your training will not work so well.

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