10 Things you should never say to your dog

Dogs are, by the popular phrase “A man’s best friend”, and they really are. But, if you want to keep your dog as your best friend, there are 10 things say.

1. Good boy/girl

Ok, dogs are high energy and emotional. This phrase is boring to them. To them, this phrase is “white noise”.

2. Don’t cry

Dogs are emotional and communicate this way. Just let them be who they are.

3. You are such a pain

If you have raised a child you know it takes time, effort, and patience. Be patient and you will see the results.

4. Hurry up

They won’t understand. They are dogs, so be patient.

5. You know better than that

The only way they are going to do this is if they are trained. It’s not a good thing to utter.

6. Baby talk

It doesn’t help them learn. For a dog to learn, repetitiveness is key.

7. I hate you

Remember, dogs respond to emotions. This type of phrase is dripping with negativity, and your dog will pick it up.

8. Stop or else

Another negative phrase. They will pick up that negativity.

9. Wait unit Mommy/Daddy comes home

This phrase is just “passing the buck” of authority to someone else.

10. Just leave me alone

Dogs want to be with you….let them.

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