10 Things You Should Frequently Say To Your Dog

When trying to train a puppy or dog, one of the most positive motivators is treats. Specifically, antler dog chews have been observed to be loved by the canine species. In order to get the best out of antler dog chews, here are 10 things a pet owner should say to his or her dog in order to get a decadent treat.
1. “Speak” (each bark translates into, “treat please”)
2. “Sit with a pretty posture” (only proper dogs shall be treated)
3. “I love you” (in this case, each bark translates into “I love you, too”)
4. “Shake” (again, only proper dogs shall be treated)
5. “Fetch” (throw any object except the dog chew, obviously)
6. “Shh” (for when “treat please” and “I love you” become too much)
7. “Grab me a doughnut” (pet owners deserve to be treated too)
8. “Whose the fairest of them all?” (when you need a reminder of who is truly the fairest dog owner of them all)
9. “Good dog” (After all, your dog behaved and can’t wait for his or her yummy treat)
10. “Stay” (unless you want your dog chasing you all the way to the store to retrieve more treats)

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