10 Things You Should Frequently Say To Your Dog

Here are 10 things you should frequently say to your furry little (or big) friend!

1. Commands
Dogs aim to please their best friend. By teaching them to sit, stay, come, and to do fancy tricks, they are happy knowing they made you happy.

2. I Love You
When you’re cuddling with your pooch on the couch, give him a kiss on his wet nose and tell him you love him.

3. Who’s A Good Boy?
Tell him this while scratching his belly. Can you say heaven?

4. Fetch!
Believe it or not, dogs get bored. Play a game of fetch with him/her!

5. No
Dogs need to know right from wrong. If there is no obedience, they won’t get along with others and they will destroy your house.

6. You’re So Cute!
Really, who doesn’t like a compliment?

7. W-a-l-k!
Fido instinctively loves to be outside. Hearing that word gets him all sorts of excited. Just make sure he gets his walk!

8. Petnames
From experience, a dog will learn to respond to different nicknames and like it.

9. I missed you
Although dogs don’t have a great sense of time, they do miss you every time you leave the house

10. You’re My Best Friend
And you’re dog will Always be there for you.

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