10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dog Nutrition

Did you know there are a lot of things you didn’t know about your best friend’s nutrition? No, it’s not Mark, Or Jenny, it’s your dog!
Here are ten things you didn’t know about your dog’s nutrition.
1. It’s not the taste; it’s the smell
Many dog owners have the misconception that dogs feel the same way about the taste of what they are eating. The smell of food is what gets your dog’s tail wagging and not so much the taste.
2. You must keep fresh
Have you ever noticed the excitement in your dog every time you open a new bag of food? And did you notice how this excitement faded away as days went by? As food ages, it loses that delicious aroma your dog loved so much. It’s important to keep its fresh by sealing it tightly or storing it in a container.
3. Omega-3’s and DHA
Of course, your dog needs the DHA found in omega 3. For healthier skin, hair, behavior, learning and retina support, it’s important to get your dog a regular dose of omega-3s.
4. Fillers
Did you ever wonder why your dog is always eating more? Corn and wheat are the most common fillers in dog foods. Carnivores are not meant to eat either of these grains, so they don’t fill up and end up eating more.
5. The gas fever!
Soybean, one of the most common ingredients in dog foods could be causing gas in your dog.
6. Keep the chompers in shape
Tooth decay is a dangerous problem in dogs. Dogs require a regular teeth cleaning and safe chews such as antler dog chews to keep the chompers in shape.
7. The obesity crisis
Your dog can become overweight by eating fatty human food or too much pet food.
8. Dogs need a break too!
Dogs require time to be independent from the family and get some rest to avoid stress.
9. Raw meat isn’t good for your canine friend
Raw meat poses health risks such as bacterial infection and parasites.
10. Dogs need a healthy lifestyle too
Dogs need a calorie restriction too. Always remember, dogs who eat less live longer!

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