10 Foods Your Dog is Dying to Eat Every Day!

Canines love to have tasty treats. In addition to a healthy diet many consumers are leaning towards products made out of deer, moose and elk. There is a wide variety of kibble, wet food and chewy treat options for dogs. Here is a list of ten tasty dog food and snack products.

1) Taste Of The Wild dog food. This dog food features venison as the main ingredient in many of their dry dog foods. Taste Of The Wild also is grain free so it is an extremely healthy choice. A 30 pound bag retails for about $44.

2) Merrick Back Country dog food. This is another dry dog food that is grain free and contains venison. A 22 pound bag retails for about $67.

3) Wild Calling Rocky Mountain brand dog food is made with Elk as a main meat source and this is another healthy dog kibble selection. A 25 pound bag retails for about $78.

4) The Real Meat Company features a 95% venison jerky treat for dogs of all sizes and breeds. This is a tasty treat option for any canine companion. These retail for about $13 a bag.

5) American Journey Elk Antler chews come in all sizes and are made in the USA. These elk antler chews retail for $15 for a x-large sized elk antler chew.

6) American Journey Deer Antler chews come in a variety of sizes. These chews are produced in the USA and a medium sized deer antler chew retails for $7.

7) Chasing Our Tails makes a moose rack snack that is made in the USA and retails for $32 for a large sized moose rack chew. Moose chews are not as easy to come across as deer and elk and often have to be purchased from pet specialty stores or online.

8) Merrick Classic Venison makes a canned deer meat food for dogs. Twelve 13 ounce cans retail for $32

9) Ziwi Peak makes a canned venison dog food that is loaded with flavor. Twelve 13 ounce cans retail for $80.

10) Zignature Venison makes high quality venison filled canned dog food. Twelve 13 ounce cans retail for $47.

There are many choices for dog owners who want to feed their dogs a more natural diet that consists of deer, moose and elk. Shoppers can often find coupons for their favorite brands online or sign up for mailing lists to get discounts on their canine’s favorite brands. Your dog will be excited to enjoy these tasty foods and snacks every day.

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